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It's moving day, but we want you to stay with us! That is the essence of Gartic Follow Gartic for more content about Gartic
Gepersonaliseerde content en advertenties zijn bijvoorbeeld relevantere resultaten en aanbevelingen, een aangepaste YouTube-homepage en advertenties die op je interesses zijn afgestemd When it's the turn of the other player, try to imagine what the drawing is

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To give your guests, use the reference box.

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Voor niet-gepersonaliseerde content en advertenties kan wat je te zien krijgt, worden beïnvloed door factoren zoals de content die je op dat moment bekijkt en je locatie voor advertenties wordt je algemene locatie gebruikt
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There are other languages available in the game
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How to Play Gartic Some other words are easy to draw but hard to guess for kids whom their first language is not English like: bayonet, scepter, zebu, rebec strait jacket , breech cloth and hearse or the fish names like anchovy , tilapia! When it's your turn, you can use many different colors in your painting
Draw, guess and have fun playing this 100% free game! Use the box of answers to send your guess You can also use the chat box to have fun, talking to other players

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Choose a category, such as animals, food, or jobs! Every round a Player is chosen to draw something for the others to presume what it is
When it's your time to sketch, make the best drawing you can with the tools at your disposal! Klicken Sie auf den unten stehenden Link, damit Sie daran erinnert werden, den Chrome Web Store zu besuchen, wenn Sie wieder an Ihrem Computer sitzen
Gartic io
Choose between one of the groups of words that we offer and have fun with your friends! Never make a note of your painting
Mostly everyone play in English forums to meet with new people so the English words need a serious upgrade When is your turn to draw, use the tools to create the better draw you can! When is other players turn, try to guess what is the drawing
Gartic also allows the player to create his own room to play with his friends and choose between 6 themes to draw In my opinion, the rule could like this: the drawer gets a half of the points which the first player who successfully guess the word would get


It's a fully free and online game! After achieve the goal of points, the first player will be declared as the winner.

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Try to draw fast and dont waste too much time for the details
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Gartic also allows the player to create his own room and invite up to 50 friends sharing a link to the room