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The program can be used in more than 40 languages—with a tab in the menu letting you change the language The ScratchAtHome page provides children, families, and educators with ideas for engaging in creative learning activities in remote or hybrid environments using Scratch
It has all the functions you need to create your design and make it perform any way you want It is easy to use and intuitive and is specially designed for kids

Download Scratch 2.0 Editor 461 for Windows

Welcoming Ceremony Kick off your event by gathering participants together to create a sense of community and inspiration.

SCRATCH 1.4 Download (Free)
What are the main features of Scratch? Using Scratch Link requires both Scratch you can use either the Scratch website or the Scratch app and a compatible Bluetooth device
Scratch 3.18.1 for Windows
Animations are generated based on different visual elements backgrounds, images, and graphics generated from within the program , which you'll program to perform any moves you want
Download Scratch 2.0 Editor 461 for Windows
Workshops You can do many types of activities on Scratch Day — from beginner sessions to more advanced projects
To start planning, check out the for activities and resources, and see the and for more helpful ideas Educators using the program can create projects for all subjects, share stories, exchange ideas, and interact through the program
They can be an effective way to organize student work by class or theme as well as track when projects are added Scratch is available for both Windows and MacOS systems but unfortunately does not have any version available for Linux

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What are the biggest advantages of Scratch? There are also a number of background themes and customizable options, which let you create something dynamic with so much ease.

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Essential concepts about coding languages are highlighted to improve learning capabilities
Download Scratch 2 Offline Editor for Windows
For more information on cache, visit Scratch Days inspire people to make and share creative projects
How to HostScratch Day
You can create images with unique responses depending on your mouse movements
Scratch can be used on the web, as well as downloaded on the system Check out our Ideas page for tutorials, activity guides, and more tips to get you started
For parents, this is a great outlet for children to learn creatively, while still having fun developing something from scratch Learn to write code Implement basic commands to animate your character

Scratch Offline Editor

If you are a network administrator: a Scratch 2.

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This really a great program to get kids to use their imagination and create something amazing
SCRATCH 1.4 Download (Free)
In these times, coding and computer languages are a great skill to have, and Scratch helps in making learning about computers fun, interactive, and creative
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The Scratch team collaborated with the to develop and share this guide as a remixable resource for running your own version of the event