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Sharpshooters St. Louis Indoor Shooting Range

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Sharpshooters St. Louis Indoor Shooting Range
While officially listed as a "Not Rated" film, rest assured that it plays out exactly like a current day PG-13 movie mid level violence, small handful of basic cuss words, no actual nudity, etc
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After playing at junior college, Duarte was recruited by just Oregon and Houston before he chose the Ducks
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And he is certainly the star and good guy in this movie
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Miami Heat Sharpshooter May Replace Bradley Beal: Report

The story, while predictable, is very well detailed and properly played out.

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Dislikes, Plot Holes as is usual with Low Budget Hollywood fare
Sharpshooter Insect Control
Of course James Remar is fantastic at playing the retired killer who they just won't let stop killing and he's hunted by the law, his past enemies and eventually the FBI
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We just feel horrible about it