What happened to monday. Before you continue to YouTube

One day, when the sisters are grown up, Monday fails to return home from their job at a bank so her sisters set out to find what happened to her And then Joe is shot by Adrian
And it was these twins that started her on this journey, searching for normalcy in a highly abnormal world On one hand the main characters save countless babies and defeat an immoral character but at the cost of destroying the world

What Happened to Monday

Like she was saying in her campaign speech, maybe through wealth-show, some people could have more babies.

They are simply killed off
What Happened To Monday Movie Explanation
Monday tells her that she was the first born and has the right to be Karen all by herself
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The streaming rights for the film were purchased by Netflix
Sisters left: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Thursday: Using the linked band from Saturday, Friday and Thursday access the video feed of the processing center and find Monday in cell C34 This 10-digit number is your confirmation number
As the movie wraps we see Tuesday and Thursday conferring, and looking in on the twins that had been saved from Monday In the year 2073 where the world's biggest problem is overpopulation due to genetically modified food, increasing the birthrate of twins, triplets, etc

What Happened to Monday (2017)

It arose following reports of a man driving north on the southbound 101 shoulder near La Conchita, according to the CHP's Santa Barbara office.

What Happened to Monday
And somehow this is enough for Tuesday and Thursday to forgive Monday for her actions
What Happened To Monday Movie Explanation
The policy is enforced by the creepy-sounding Child Allocation Bureau CAB which is headed by conservation biologist and aspiring politician Dr
What Happened To Monday’s Ending Explained
Terrence Settman Terrence Settman Willem Dafoe is one such person whose daughter Karen Settman has Septuplets, thanks to the genetically modified food