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They care too much about others that they stop caring about themselves Posts that do not link to an image are automatically filtered
He points out that there's a difference between a nice guy and a good guy Without the claim of niceness, there can be no hypocrisy

Urban Dictionary: Nice Guy

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Nice Guy vs Good Man: 8 Defining Differences
Then he cooks breakfast for her when she wakes, up, and again for over a month afterwards when she shows up expecting more
Without those literal words, the guy needs to at least strongly imply it
Nice Guy syndrome
If you are still not getting what you want out of your career, social life, or love life, even after putting your best foot forward, this article is for you
Donut on the Red Team is so perky, friendly, and nice that even Church who otherwise hates everyone likes him As much as it is tempting to lie, part of healing from the nice guy syndrome is being radically honest with yourself
The right groups should be supportive, built on honesty, non-judgmental, and should be a men-only group Has a purpose in life and proactively works towards it

How to Break the Stereotype: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

In the end, the differences come down to authenticity and confidence.

Nice Guy syndrome
By putting someone on a pedestal, you're not only fostering an unhealthy balance in the relationship, but you're also creating a set of unrealistic expectations
Nice Guys Delivery
And male entitlement can be more dangerous than annoying fictional characters — it can and does lead to for telling their abusive partner "no
Nice Guy Syndrome: What Is It and How to Deal With Nice Guy Syndrome
She's a wonderful person in many ways, but someone who can let family members behave in extremely abusive ways towards her, and not only write it off as okay, but even make me out to be the bad guy for sticking up for her, made me realise that lying to oneself is extremely destructive