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Please modify your selection The King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah is the main hub of its operational processes, as well as the other operational branches at "King Khalid International Airport" in Riyadh, "Prince Mohamed Bin Abdul Aziz Airport" in Al Madinah Al Munawara, "King Fahd International Airport" in Dammam and "Abha Regional Airport"
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Saudi airlines manage my booking

In 1981, King Abdul Aziz International Airport was officially opened in Jeddah so that the hub of operations of Saudi Airlines becomes readier for further development and expansion, and the first catering units were established in Jeddah.

Saudia manage booking
ERROR: Person With Disability Discount is applicable to Domestic flights only
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Saudia flight ticket prices on weekends may be more than that on other days
Saudi airlines manage my booking
The Saudi Arabian Airlines offers special meals for First and Business Class passengers, as well as meals prepared for the passengers of Hospitality class, pilgrims, and performers of Umrah, all that have been supervised by an international team of international culinary experts coming from different cultures to ensure the authenticity of the flavors and dishes being offered
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Please note there may be a cancellation penalty, which will be deducted from the refund Any government-issued ID E

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For Saudi Arabia, the customer care number of Saudia Airlines is 920022222.

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Currently, Saudia is one of the largest airlines on the globe
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We follow One-Infant-Per-Adult Policy en Españ Mejores Precios en vuelos de Iberia
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Collection at the airport of the amount of 20% discount and 12% VAT based on the current applicable fare at the time of check-in in accordance with the fare restrictions applicable to the ticket, PLUS a fine of Php1,500 Must present valid Student Id or registration form
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Saudi Arabian Airlines
President Franklin Roosevelt gifted an aircraft to King Abdul Aziz Saud
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Founded in 1945, Saudi Arabian Airlines — also known as SAUDIA — connects around 95 destinations across the world
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