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A girl accuses her best friend of giving her an eating disorder by calling her fat The student who gets bullied for being gay is posed against stereotypic straight guys and stereotypic gay guys, and neither group accepts him
I have seen some of the actors give much better performances in other movies, which leads me to believe it was poor direction of a bad script, while the general idea wasn't bad Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles

The Prom

As a result, some viewers felt he no longer had the moral high ground when he calls out the popular kids for bullying them and that he is just as petty and vindictive as they are; his comment about how "at least none of us shot up the school or committed suicide" can also come off as very insensitive.

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Also, she's such an airhead that there's no way she could ever have gotten through a job interview
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Felicity refuses to help at first, but when Maddy stands up for Cole against Kane, she agrees, and enlists the help of other social outcasts to execute the plan
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Yes, unbelievably, the pitch to accept people for who they are is set up in terms of stereotypes
The only adults who are likeable, Maddy's parents, label themselves as ineffective parents and do seem somewhat inept
Enraged, Cole delivers a lengthy speech in which he criticizes how the students have hurt each other in pursuit of popularity that is ultimately without meaning or worth However, this is a high-school themed movie even I couldn't like

The Prom

A girl accuses her best friend of giving her an eating disorder by calling her fat.

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Cole, still shunned by his peers, has decided to apply to a prestigious art college
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Maddy suggests that they ruin the prom, enlisting Cole's friend Felicity to help
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He also publicly blames Maddy for him being bullied; while Maddy is certainly a jerk for ignoring him, he never gives a similar to Kane or the people who actually bullied him while it's true Maddy didn't try to stop or speak out against the bullying, she never actively took part , nor does he call out the teachers who ignore or enable the bullying
If people don't try to stop it, they are as guilty of bullying as the actual bullies
She is a cheerleader who back-stabbed her former best friend Maddy Datner with her boyfriend, Kane It certainly feels unbelievable that she would somehow in the process have forgotten what fate she and her co-conspirators had planned for whoever was elected prom queen

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It doesn't help that his defences of his own actions are so weak they come off as unintentional "We didn't shoot up the school, and none of us committed suicide! Other characters go through similarly rapid shifts which would be believable--if they had been given a little time to unfold.

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Kids use social media to send doctored photos suggesting a senior has a small penis
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Students talk about the desire for sex on prom night
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Also, the way the bullying is presented is problematic